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General Purpose Saddles
Minster GP
The most competitively priced English leather saddle on the UK market without compromising either quality or workmanship.  Hand crafted in English leather on English beechwood spring trees, with covered skirts and flocked with pure white lambswool.  The saddle is available in G.P., Event or Working Hunter.
Manor GP
This saddle is made by a small family firm, who produce saddles that are second to none so far as workmanship and materials are concerned.  English leather and beechwood spring trees and all flocked with pure white lambswool, also available as Event or Working Hunter.  Superb quality and competitively priced at    £895.00
Saferide GP
Made by an old established Walsall based company, who normally make for wholesalers.  The saddles are of excellent quality and incorporate English leather on beechwood trees, flocked pure white lambswool and have panels which are ideally suited for thoroughbred or other high withered types.  Another very competitively priced saddle.
Ideal International Event GP

Made by one of Walsall’s larger saddlery firms.  Very popular and of excellent quality first class leather, beechwood spring trees and flocked pure white lambswool.  IDEAL quality speaks for itself but still very sensibly priced .
Kings Marlborough GP
Established in 1985 by the Rathbone brothers, they have built up a solid reputation for making saddles to the highest specification, traditionally hand made and representing excellent value for money, using beechwood spring trees and pure white lambswool flocking.
Black Country GP
A medium sized, well-established firm producing mainly for the top end of the market.  All their saddles are of superb quality, yet the G.P. range is still sensibly priced despite the quality of the workmanship and materials.  Highly recommended.
holderJeffries Hawk Event GP
Established in 1820 and still producing high quality saddles, the Hawk Event G.P. is possibly the best known and most popular G.P. saddle produced in England.  All saddles are available from stock and are traditionally built using beechwood spring trees and wool flock and only the best of English leathers.
holderFrank Baines Eclipse GP
Acknowledged as producing the finest saddles made in England.  The workmanship and materials are second to none.  Using only Pittards full aniline leather and recessed stitching, this saddle is truly a work of art.
holder Jeremy Rudge GP
This saddler, still a young man is a regular winner of saddlery competitions and produces truly superb traditionally made saddles of a similar quality to Frank Baines.  Superbly crafted and our most popular saddle for people who appreciate quality.
minster Pony GP picture Minster Pony GP
A smaller version of the adult General Purpose saddle.  Built to the same high specification with beechwood spring trees, covered skirts and flocked with pure white lambswool, offering truly unbeatable value for money.  Available in 14”, 15” or 16”.